Sunday, March 31, 2013


I have been contemplating a lot this week about what the Atonement of my Savior Jesus Christ, means to me in my life. Easter always makes me reflect on my testimony and it helps me remember the unbelievable gratitude I feel in my heart for the gift that my Heavenly Father has given to me, and to everyone that lives or has ever lived.

We, each and everyone of us, have the opportunity to return to live with our Heavenly Father and all of our loved ones again, after we depart from this life. This amazing gift would never be possible without the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He took upon himself all of our pains, anguish and sins. He felt each and everyone of them. Mine and yours alike. He then was nailed to a cross and gave his life that we (all of us) might live again. What a Miracle!

I am so grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who knows me well enough, to know that I could not do it alone. He knows that each and everyone of us will make mistakes along this journey of life. He knew, and was prepared to help us return home to him. I am grateful for the knowledge that HE LIVES and that he is waiting patiently for our return home.

I hope and pray that this Easter season allows you to also reflect upon the many blessings that each of you have in your own lives.
I add my own testimony of Jesus Christ and his resurrection to that of our Prophet Thomas S. Monson.

Happy Easter Everyone.

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