Saturday, February 16, 2013


Any ideas why we visited this particular town way up in the Tuscan mountains?? 
How about another clue.....
Still can't guess? Well I will tell you. This small town at the top of a mountain is where the Volturi live! Ok well not really. In the book they lived in Volterra. But they didn't film the movie there (but that town was equally as cool as this one, we drove through it) they chose this town instead.
Montepulciano is a very small town that has very narrow little streets that are either climbing up or down. The town square is where they filmed the saving Edward seen. They had to build a fountain for the movie so it isn't in my pictures. I am sure during the summer this town is a lot busier. There were a few other people there for a wine tasting event, but other then that it was pretty dead. Mike and I found our new summer Tuscan Villa just under the town. I would live here in a second!
One of the beautiful streets

Another view of the town when we drove in

A small church

The clock tower building Edward was in :)

more cool streets

Another of the buildings in the center square

The well

So I tried really hard to have Mike re-enact the scene. But sadly, he decided he wanted to hold on to his man card and not take off his shirt for me!

But the good sport that he he, he played a long a little :)

Me re-enacting Bellas run through the streets. This was actually one of the streets they used. Those red sun shades were all pulled down.

She ran past this store and the sign. They have pictures from the movie underneath it as proof :)

Isn't it beautiful!!

Selfie of the really cool town

Mike seems to like it here too!

That is my Tuscan Villa in the background!

After we left my dream home, we drove on to ROME!!

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