Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sad Day? Okay Not Really

Today was Carters kindergarten graduation. Its hard to believe that he is my last kindergartener. I NEVER have to do that again! I am a little sad about it, but also rejoicing quietly. I started tearing up a little during the last song of the program, at the thought that he was growing up. But then the reality, the fact that he has never really acted like a baby, ever, hit me and I just laughed at the funny things he was doing!
He has been ready for full day school for a very long time and I am excited for a little me time next school year. I am not sure exactly what I will do with myself. Kind of a funny feeling knowing that all my kids, including the new ones, will be in school all day. I guess I am feeling old. But I don't want to feel old. I will just have to find ways to keep myself busy. Oh wait I already have a bunch of stuff to keep me busy. Laundry for 6 kids is enough to never have to find things to do again :( Oh well, maybe nothing will really change at all!
waiting not so patiently for it to start!

walking in

singing his heart out

I have to say a big THANK YOU to Carters AMAZING teacher Mrs Mina Money. She was so wonderful and put up with his craziness and antics and loved him anyway. She was even able to get him to sit still long enough to actually learn stuff. :) She is one of the best teachers around. I can't say enough good things about her. I wish you could all have your kids have teachers that love their job and love your kids, like her. Thank you Mina for your amazing work with our kids this year.

After graduation we decided to decorate cookies we had made yesterday. I am not sure if the girls had ever done it before. Nastia was a little hesitant and only did a couple, but Olena jumped right in and made some masterpieces.
busy decorating

some of the finished cookies

more finished cookies

Olena working hard

We are still plodding along trying to make headway with English. I am looking more deeply into putting the girls in the Jr High next year so we can take advantage of the ESL program that's available. They are very good at taking the lessons I tell them too, but are a lot more reluctant to actually use what they have learned. I have tried to find motivation for them to speak more English, but I am still struggling to get them, especially Nastia, to use what they learn on a daily basis. I decided if they were in a classroom setting with someone other then me telling them to speak English, they may be more inclined to actually start using it more. I am even looking into whether they have a summer program they can participate in.  I will keep you all posted, on my progress.

Nastia participated in her first track meet ever, yesterday. It was fun to watch her run. She ran her heart out and smiled the whole time. She took 3rd in the 100m and 4th in 400m. She also threw Javelin (it was a really short one that the little kids could use) 40.3 feet. I am hopeful that she enjoyed herself and will want to continue to practice and get better. It was a little bit of organized chaos, but I think I got the hang of how it all works by the end. I'll be a pro by the end of summer.
finishing the 400m. I know it looks like she was all alone, but there was someone just in front of her and another a little ways behind her
I forgot to tell you all about Mirandas recent performance as Puck in Midsummer nights dream. She was amazing. Miranda had been unhappy to play a, what she considered, Male part. But after practicing and seeing what a great character it is, she changed her mind. She really is a wonderful little actress. I was blown away by the talent that some of these kids had. The production was very low budget, an all jr high age kids. But they were outstanding. I laughed and laughed. If I get a hold of the video I will post a little of it, but here are some pictures.

This boy in the stripy poncho, his name is Joe and he played Bottom. He was HILARIOUS!!

Miranda as Puck

Miranda being sneaky

This scene was so funny

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those cookies look amazing!! Love you guys xo and congrats to carter!!