Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Start Of Our New Reality

We have had a fabulous couple of weeks with family and friends visiting, but now comes reality!

Over the last few days we have had to say goodbye to my brother, some friends and my parents. The girls struggled each time we told someone goodbye. Both of them seemed to really enjoy meeting their new family members and were very sad to see them go. I am hopeful that the next time we get to visit with them, the girls will welcome them back with open arms.

Now we get to actually delve into teaching them to speak English. While we had guests we were just allowing them to transition into our home and American life slowly. Now we (mostly me) are going to be sitting down with them every day and actually giving them lessons. 
While Olena is very willing to take the lessons, Nastia is not. I am sure I will have some tough times ahead trying to get this girl to want to learn. While we still feel like the label that was placed on her was inaccurate, there is definitely a difference between the girls in their abilities and their motivation. I am hopeful though, that with some encouragement and love, she will be just fine.

I feel very spoiled having spent almost all of this year with Mike around! He starts his new job next week and I am sad to know that I will be doing a lot of this alone. Both the girls, but especially Nastia, have bonded more easily with him. I am not exactly sure why, and I am a little frustrated about it. I feel like I try just as hard as he does, but my effort doesn't seem to pay off. I am sure there are deep reasons why they feel closer to him. There are probably some issues of abandonment to do with women in their lives that I may never understand fully. So I will just diligently keep trying and hope that it pays of in the end. But, don't be alarmed if occasionally I vent a little on here about how I am struggling. :)

We have been snapping pictures of the girls and their first time doing things as well as fun things we did with our guests. I am hoping to have them uploaded today so I will be able to post them soon.

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